VRS8 and ML-2:




In 2017, we at Slate Digital are excited to announce the next step in our continuing crusade to bring professional audio tools to the masses: the Virtual Recording Studio, featuring the VRS-8 audio interface and ML-2 modeling microphone.


On the surface it may look like we’ve simply announced a new small-diaphragm modeling microphone and an eight-channel audio interface (which would be amazing on its own!), but the reality is that we’ve just announced the birth of a new audio ecosystem.


The VRS-8 is NOT just another “me too” eight-channel recording interface - it’s a fantastic-sounding professional audio converter packed with tons of features:


•     EIGHT Ultra Linear VMS-One mic preamps, enabling you to use our microphone and preamp emulations on every input and controlled directly from the front panel for easy control when tracking.


•     A LLN™ (Low Latency Native) custom hard-wired converter chipset, which reduces managed components in the audio path and allows an incredible .7 milliseconds of latency at 96K (with a 32 sample buffer) - allowing you to monitor through mic and preamp emulations while tracking.


•     Mastering-quality conversion technology incorporating the newest AKM converters, offering a whopping industry-best 124db of dynamic range on all inputs.


•     XTC satellite-grade clocking technology, utilizing four temperature-compensated crystal oscillators for ultra-stable audio performance.


•     Built-in monitor switching and headphone amplifiers.


•     Native MIDI IO, for accurate MIDI timing that doesn’t utilize the USB bus.


•     Both Thunderbolt (for Mac) and PCIe (for PC) connectivity for maximum cross-platform compatibility.


The ML-2 microphone is a worthy addition to its big brother the ML-1 (the mic featured in the Virtual Microphone System). It features a similar linear and flat frequency response to its larger sibling - only in a small diaphragm size - which allows the mic to be placed in locations difficult or impossible for a larger mic. With the addition of a side-mounted switch that pads the input circuit and repolarizes the capsule to increase headroom, the ML-2 allows you to utilize both dynamic and condenser emulations on instruments like drums without ever having to change a physical microphone position.


The VRS-8 comes with a free one-year subscription to the Everything Bundle, as well as the option to purchase a five-pack of ML-2 microphones at a substantial discount - so you’ll have everything you need to put together your own professional virtual recording studio. Check out the keynote video announcement HERE.




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